ADATA Nobility NH01 Hard Disk USB 3.0

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 ADATA  Nobility  NH01  Hard Disk  USB 3.0  Empty ADATA Nobility NH01 Hard Disk USB 3.0

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ADATA is pleased to present the Nobility Series NH01 USB 3.0 2.5” HDD, an elite portable storage drive with the latest high-performance USB 3.0 interface for those who demand the utmost in form and functionality. The Nobility Series NH01 2.5” HDD delivers astounding data transfer rates up to 95 MB/s for read and write functions – proven to be three times faster than conventional hard drives with a USB 2.0 interface. What’s more, its glossy piano black finishing gives you an absolute elegant sense of style.

Ultra-fast Performance

Adopting USB 3.0 interface, ADATA Nobility Series NH01 USB 3.0 2.5” Portable Disk Drive enables data transfer speed by 3 times to USB 2.0. For example, it may take 15 minutes to transfer a 24 GB Blu-ray movie via USB 2.0 interface; with the Nobility Series NH01 2.5” HDD’s built-in SuperSpeed USB 3.0, you’d wait only 4.6 minutes for the entire transmission –saving up to 70% of the average time it takes to accomplish the task.

Simplicity in Style, Freedom in Accessibility

The glossy piano black finishing seen on the front panel gives the NH01 HDD its sense of style. Along with its compact 15.7 mm casing, the NH01 combines data mobility and elegance, making it your best mobile companion.
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